Sermon for Sunday, 29th July 2012 (Trinity 8/Pentecost 9/Proper 12/Ordinary 17) — 1 Comment

  1. What we call miracles are not wonders in the eyes of God, they are normal acts of Love even if they are interventionist. If I see a bird perching at my window when there is hagel or any big danger to its life and existence and I simply open my window to let it in and feed it with abundant grains. If the little bird could appreciate it is miracle for it, for me it is normal – LOVE. Creating flies and planets are equally light for God. He spoke and they were made. What amazes God is the lack of faith and love in man whom He made in His image and likeness. Please continue preaching and living the life of faith, hope and love in season and out of season, whether appreciated or not. In this way we show that we are true children of Our Father who lets His sun shine for all. May God bless your work with abundant fruits if not now definitely later.

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