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  1. Oh!!! My daughter did a project on this last week. She’d earwigged on the 3rd-class’ assignment and asked if she could do it too even though she wasn’t s’posed to. They said yes!

    “Electricity works by an electric circuit. There’s a type of electricity called static. There’s lots
    Of wase to do static.To do static you could rub a balloon on your head and some of your hair will stick to the balloon. There is also a way to do static by rubbing your pen on your hair and then putting it on small bits of paper and then it sticks onto the pen.
    The thing that you shouldn’t do is to stick something metal in a socket, or else you’ll get an electric shock. Because if you do, you might get that and you might break something because you might fall.
    God invented electricity.
    Electricity is used for hundreds of things. Electricity can be used for lamps, lights, computers, for batteries, machines that blow heat out of, and lots of other things.
    Electricity was invented and so we could have lots of light and we wouldn’t have to be going outside for the sun to do all the light. We’d also be quite cold and electricity is also good because if you had a book and electricity wasn’t invented and you read in the dark then you’d turn blind.”

    My feelings precisely.

  2. An excellent answer! What something does is more important than what it is.

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