It’s easy to see how Jesus got in trouble — 3 Comments

  1. Some interesting points raised in this article, Ian. Talking to my own rector this afternoon as we were both shopping!! not together l hasten to add, he said the Church of Ireland needs to look at itself and in what direction it is going, before we all get lost in what is going to happen in our sister church. He has a point, whilst Pope Francis might be a good man himself as a human being, becoming the head of the billions of Roman Catholics around the world is perhaps not what he would have aspire to, however, we’ll watch and pray, as we need to earnestly need to do in our own church if we are to follow the example of Jesus Christ .

  2. Your rector’s remark is slightly bizarre. 84% of the population of this state is Roman Catholic. What the Pope says affects the context in which our tiny community exists.

  3. Yes, that was pointed out to me last week by the Dean’s Vicar in Cork!!!! I know we are a minority church in the context of so many RC’s not only here but around the world, but he seemed to think there was a need for some form of renewal within the C of I, what, he didn’t say. I suppose Stanley has the right idea, we need to get people out to church, especially in the rural communities, but we have to show them what the church has to offer. The Gospel message of Jesus Christ does not seem enough, l don’t have the answers. I am only a mere mortal, who struggles with her own faith at times. My rector is very theologically sound, with a tinge of an evangelical thread!! but he only has 4 churches, 2 services at each, alternate sundays, so, he is not over stretched in terms of work, which is totally different to someone like yourself, what all this has to do with anything i’m not sure!!! sorry about making comments on the rugby, l do apologise. However the Pope has a lot to do to put his own church back on the straight and narrow, never mind ours. I’m just rambling now, we’ll talk again. Blessings. Patty.

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