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  1. When my time comes I hope its quick, I really dont relish having to languish in a home,

  2. A good few salient points here, Ian,Sorry l only caught the link bit on your post, so presumed it was something you had shared with someone else. I think most of us at some time or other have witnessed this ‘sitting in big chairs with wheels on’ !!! Not sure it is indicative of death per se. It must be dreadful for the patients/residents of these places which have somehow become ‘institutions’ in their own way. Having been a nurse in a former life, l have seen this all first hand. It seems very cruel in one respect, but l don’t envisage a different form of care for those in need. I worked on one ward where most of the patients had suffered from a stroke, some worse than others. Those that were not too badly affected were fed, washed, and put into one of those awful chairs, and remained there until it was time to go back to bed. It is hard for us to envisage ever being in that situation, but for those, especially with no family, they have no option. It is very hard to read their minds, and wonder what is going on in their heads. Yes, l have seen people die in chairs like that, they just ‘go’, and it is sadly very depressing. The lady you write of, who calls it the ‘dead room’ sounds a character, but for those who are mentally alert, they watch and see, and could give you chapter and verse of what goes on!! Enjoyed reading your article, something a little different, and also, something to make us think about our own old age, well, i’m almost there!!! you have a way to go yet, please God. Your friend Les, has the right approach, l think we all hope that when God calls us home it will be quick, none of us l believe would want to spend our last years sitting in a chair with wheels, but at the same time, for some, they do not have a choice.

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