Disco coolness — 6 Comments

  1. Ian, 70’s music was and still is the best as far as I’m concerned……I’m playing RTE Gold or Smooth 70’s all the time……The only thing I could do at a Disco now if there was one is prop the bar up, as I did in the day. There’s no chance of headbanging as I used to at the local Somerset Discos …..It doesn’t look the same without hair and I’d end up with a migraine or a ‘cricked’ neck now …Great memories of village Discos though…

  2. You’ll have to start a training programme for the Eleventy-First Birthday Party in 2016!

  3. 70’s discos were the best, great memories! Les and I are threatening to get a disco ball for the large living room at the barn 🙂

  4. You could have ours – it comes with a spotlight with a rotating coloured filter to illuminate it!

  5. Eleventy-First, right High Ham hall, we’ll hang the glitter-ball up and dress in flares and platforms and a wig for me, now where can I get a moped !!! hahaha

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