Bad connections — 4 Comments

  1. Love the console.

    Brings back fond memories of the old switchroom in the Department of Finance. Manned exclusively by females in those days. Any excuse to drop in.

    I remember one time being plugged through from Madigans bar in Moore St. via my Departmental switch to the after hours duty officer in Foreign Affairs. I figured if I rang him directly he wouldn’t believe me given the background noise, so I got one of the girls on the switch to mediate between Moore St. and Iveagh House.

    And today’s generation would turn up their noses at these beautiful Victorian instruments.

    As far as ISPs and broadband are concerned, don’t get me started. And I’m living in Dublin 5.

  2. The switchboard is preserved in the heritage centre on Oileán Chléire – it was in use until 1984.

    I remember having to connect via an operator to my wife, who was living in the North, from a payphone in Dublin in 1983 – it used to cost 80 pence for a three minute call

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