On a fair day in Belmullet — 3 Comments

  1. In the latter days of Charles J Haughey’s career the adulation of his supporters and their often physical attacks on his opponents inside FF bordered on the fascist. PJ Mara’s “Una Voce, Una Duce” comment did not come from thin air and reflected a near fascist leadership cult. Fortunately Irish democracy was strong enough to resist any such tendencies. Of course Haughey did some good in his early years as a Minister; as Minister for Justice he brought in the Succession Act; as Minister for Finance he eased the burden on older people with innovations like free travel, free TV licence, free telephone rental and free electricity allowance. Unfortunately the present FG/Labour government is doing its best to reduce benefits to people in need. Haughey’s legacy isn’t all bad.
    I wonder what legacy Garret the Good has left: he shares responsibility for the 1983 referendum about abortion with Haughey and, if memory serves me right, gave a commitment to hold such a referendum before Haughey did; along with Dick Spring, he negotiated the Anglo-Irish Agreement. Perhaps my memory is failing me but I can’t really think of anything else; perhaps that Agreement is enough.

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