Pilgrims’ progress — 4 Comments

  1. I regularly have the thought that getting the card stamped in St James Gate and setting off would be a very attractive thought. I have a few different options for leaving Dublin (Wicklow Way linking up with Blackwater Way OR walk canal to the Shannon which will be kayaked before walking south) before sailing to Northern Spain and walking the Coastal route.

    I also do not believe the relic is of St. James – your might want to check out Peter & Natasha Murtagh’s Buen Camino on that issue.Hape Kerjeling’s I’m Off Then and Martin Sheen/Emelio Estevez Along the Way would be two books to recommend on having done the trip.

    The thing for me would be taking time out of the normal life; the time to myself; the time without mobile phones; the ability to live with what I carry on my back; seeing things new.

    Reading it back, it does sound selfish but I convince myself that some me – time is beneficial if not essential on occasion.

    I suppose that is a long way of agreeing with you that it is the journey rather than the arrival – whatever the journey might be

  2. There are two responses that come to mind to that comment and I will leave you choose:

    1. But is not the challenge of dealing with that fear part of the journey

    2. One can walk faster or slower so as not to engage ( or pick the Coastal route which is less travelled)

  3. Reading Ed Stourton’s book on the escape lines through France in World War II, I think there are probably more interesting trails to walk.

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