How they hate one another — 7 Comments

  1. I have been told that I am not qualified to speak about CoI affairs since I am not ‘one of us’. Nevertheless, I see tribalism in action and experience its virulence. It is not confined to the CoI but it is most certainly at its most unpleasant here. It’s difficult to know how to deal with it other than by moving somewhere less unpleasant. IS there such a place? Maybe it’s a self limiting problem: the most pernicious tribalists will one day be dead. Will they be replaced?

  2. Being as English as your good self, I am not sure why you haven’t dismissed that comment about not being ‘one of us’ as the piece of nonsense it was – if the comment was true, it does not matter from whom it came; if it was not, it should have been critiqued in a proper way.

    Being a self-identifying evangelical, I believe the church will endure, that does not mean the Church of Ireland will endure. My challenge to people is always whether their conception of the church matches that of Jesus, if it does not, then what is the point of it?

    I think the point is much harder to argue from a liberal position, where, in the context of relativism, it is quite reasonable for people to argue their ideas are as valid as those of any church leaders.

  3. I was making the comment with my tongue firmly opposed to the buccal mucosa, though it would be interesting to establish how the increasing number of clergy who have not been trained in Braemor Park cope with the sometimes less than broad minded and generous attitudes that they might encounter. I agree with you about the future: the church will endure. Resurrection follows death. Quite what JC has to do with the institutional church is a moot point.

  4. People have for decades predicted the death of the institutional church – I always find its persistence, despite itself, to be a sign of God’s grace.

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