You are closing down your town — 4 Comments

  1. A milkman still calls Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, but no mobile shops of any sort. Tescos in Langport has taken most of the trade but there are 6 tea rooms 1 chemist, 2 charity shops, 1 pet shop 2 butchers and a few others , bring back the past when there was even a fatstock market in Langport and you could find a policeman when you need to.

  2. I fear the Dun Laoghaire day might be a one off effort.

    Langport probably holds on better than some of the places in the shadow of big towns that have big centres and outlets

  3. Looking for something else, I found this post. it is encouraging that more than two years’ later, the business that caused my sense of despondency is in bigger premises in another part of the town – and is thriving. It is a cause of delight each time I pass

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