Boys’ own adventures — 4 Comments

  1. First of all, I’m now on a mission to find the title of the book you reference. I believe that it is possible to be self reliant in this day and age. This is a topic that I have done a great deal of self study on and I’m quite interested in. It is getting more difficult as we become more comfortable and attached to modern convieniences, but I believe achievable.
    I remember a huge power outage many years ago that had millions in Canada without electricity for many days. Two very important things came from those couple of days for me. The first being that I witnessed people getting to know each other and working together. The second is ‘technology free time’. This is where you take a few hours or even a day during the course of a week and not use any technology or active electricity( lights, tv… etc.). It is amazing that after just a few times of doing this how much you look forward to this time.

  2. Extraordinarily, a friend who lives in a forest in Finland identified the book immediately – ‘Brendan Chase’, by Denys Watkins-Pitchford.

    Is it possible to ‘disappear’ in Canada?

  3. It is possible to go completely off the grid in Canada. We have a vast amount of unpopulated land and many people have chosen this route. I wouldn’t want to disappear but I would like to be more self reliant.

  4. I think an English forest might be more hospitable than the Yukon!

    Even in rural Ireland we tend to be very urbanised – when the storm Darwin hit in February, ordinary life seized up.

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