Cities of gulls — 1 Comment

  1. Whilst I cannot comment on the gulls of Dublin, I can on the gulls of Bath. I lived in central Bath for a year and the gulls were a daily cause of mental anguish. The reason they reach the headlines is that they quite simply take over the city in the summer and the noise of an entire city filled with seagulls is deafening.

    In case you’ve never lived close to thousands of them before you wouldn’t realise how ludicrously noisy they can be. They start squarking around 4am in the summer months and this goes on constantly till sundown. I know it sounds so silly, and that it sounds like I am a ridiculous NIMBY complaining about the noises of a bird. But after 3 solid months of lying in bed awake from 4-7am due to the shrieking of the gulls, I had build up a vendetta greater than I have ever had for any human.

    Hope this fills in the blanks a bit.

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