Summer Sermon Series, 2014 – The Catechism: 7. You should keep God’s Commandments — 1 Comment

  1. Jesus did come to fulfill the law and the prophets (Mt. 5:17). And in 5:21-48 Jesus says more about that fulfillment. It includes deepening of some laws of Moses (murder includes angry words of condemnation against a “brother;” adultery includes lustful desires) as well as changing some laws of Moses (no more divorce or certificates of divorce, no more oaths, no more revenge, and no more hate of enemies). Because of such changes, Jesus and the New Testament bring a new covenant that includes the law of Christ–which affirms some laws of Moses, but goes beyond or replaces most laws of Moses. The law of Moses was for the kingdom of Israel; the law of Christ is for his new international kingdom of disciples.

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