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  1. I searched out Stan O’Brien’s poem and found this page.
    Very interesting website.
    Well done nice job, Leinster Regiment .
    Proud Irish Dub. Abroad.


  2. Last week my partner and I tried to find the two German POW graves in Templemore. I was visiting her so had limited time. I searched the cemetery by the Sacred Heart church and then as an after thought headed for St Mary’s. Unfortunately the main gates were pad-locked and we could not see any other way in. I know that there were two POWs who sadly passed away and that both stones were allowed to remain by the German War Graves Commission in recognition of the care and kindness of the people of Templemore after the bodies were exhumed and reburied in Wicklow. Where I wonder is the other one? I understand that the POWs were more or less split fifty fifty between Protestant and Catholic so it could be there is one grave in each area. Thank you for this site, I will visit St Mary’s next time and in the meantime if anyone knows of the second grave I would be grateful. Thanks Bill

  3. Hi Bill,

    The History Ireland site says,”Private A. Gierzweski died of diabetes in December 1914, and Private L. Spellerberg died of food poisoning in March 1915. Both were buried in Templemore cemeteries with full military honours. . . .”

    I assume that the reference to “cemeteries” means Gierzweski’s grave was in the Sacred Heart Cemetery. If I get a chance, I’ll ask someone from the area.

    History Ireland

  4. Thank you for the care of Ludwig. We share the same surname, but our family have lived in the UK since 1700.

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