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  1. In St Columba’s Church in Ennis there is a plaque to Major Henry Ross-Lewin (d. 27.04.1843) and Lieut John Dillon Ross-Lewin (d 7/11/1854) which was originally in Kildysart Church which was relocated in 1958 when Kildysart closed so I suspect that you are correct that it was in another building.

    This was the only memorial in Ennis that was stated as being relocated.

    When you read it, did you not know of many of the locations? It achieved its objective in having him remembered as you read it.

    I had not heard of that surname previously so the web reveals:

    There are at least three plaques to Despard(s) who died in World War 1 –

    There was a Despard Plot to assisinate King George III – and this Edward Despard was from Mountrath in Queen’s County – throws up more questions than answers unless two Despards died in Vittoria within a week of each other

    Based upon Neil Richardson’s talk as part of Ennis Bookclub Festival, I suspect that the British Army records will provide some answers to some of your questions

  2. The Despards were a prominent local family until a couple of generations ago; none now remain.

    The more I reflected on it, the more I think the tablet was brought from somewhere else. One of the reasons it interested me was because I have holidayed both north and south of the Pyrenees (and once spent a week in Andorra in the middle of them) and am familiar with the places named, but am sure that even now few people who read the tablet would make much of it.

  3. Hello Michael,

    I would send on a photograph, but don’t have a camera that seems able to capture the detail.

    It is in Saint Jude’s Church, Annatrim in the village of Coolrain and the Parish of Offerlane. If you were coming to Laois we have World War I and World War II memorials in Mountrath, Roskelton and Borris-in-Ossory that might be included in the inventory.

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