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  1. Private Joseph Bernard Ryan, born in Mountrath, son of Valentine and Helena Ryan. Valentine Ryan was landlord for several towns lands around Mountrath and was boycotted during the land wars for evicting a tenant called Seal. Valentine was born in Chadville Cappawhite Co. Tipperary and was shot at in Tipperary and that was one of the reasons he went up to Laoise to live as his Tipperary tenants were agitated.
    The Plan of campaign was in acted against him in his Donegal estates

  2. Code : VB53 South means Row V in section B and No. 53. This is the code number of Valentine Ryan Headstone Glasnevin Cemetery Dublin where his son Joseph is buried. Valentine was landlord of lands in Mountrath and who lived at “Belleville” Mountrath a townhouse.
    His home address in Tipperary was put on his grave stone.
    Valentine was shoot at in Chadville Cappawhite Co. Tipperary and moved up to Mountrath in the 1870,s as his Tipperary tenants were troublesome. He was boycotted in Mountrath for evicting tenants and the “Plan of Campaign ” was applied against him in his Donegall estate of over 5000 acres.

    Valentine Ryan of Chadville, Tipperary 14th April, 1894, Age 68

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