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  1. I am a distant cousin of Fint Phelan, my Father was Fitzpatrick, many years ago I met Old Mrs Phelan, her son was Librarian. Also met with Hanna Fitzpatrick every time I would go back to Ireland. Any information would be appreciated.

    Mary Fitzpatrick Rey

  2. My father John Joe Breen ‘s grandmother was Catherine Phelan . She was a sister of Fint Phelan The Mountain Hare.My Dad now has Alzheimer’s but he often sang the song and recounted The Mountain Hare’s exploits . As far as I am aware he is a first cousin of the late Tom Fitzpatrick who s wife Hannah is mentioned in the comment above .

  3. Hi Mary Rey,
    My name is Ciara Fitzpatrick and I am Hannah Fitzpatrick’s Granddaughter. We came across your comment in connection with Granny and would love if you could get in touch.

  4. my uncles name was Fint Phelan who is directly related to Fint the hare.It would be great if those interested in gathering as much information as possible about our warrior relation to form a group with the intention of putting together his story.
    please respond if interested.

  5. Fint Phelan ” The Mountain Hare ” was born in 1815 in Killeen ,Offerlane Upperwoods in the Slieve Bloom Mountains , He was an Anti-Tithe protester and supporter of Daniel O’Connell, there are a number of Recitations, songs and stories in the Newspaper Archives recounting his activities and place as a folk hero

  6. Thanks, John. It is a name that seems to have been passed on down through the generations

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