A Fine Gael majority might be welcome — 3 Comments

  1. The idea of a Fine Gael majority government would be good for neither the Irish people nor Irish politics especially if the opposition came from any group led by Sinn Fein. We’ve had five years of what has been, effectively, a Fine Gael government (Labour has given almost everything FG wanted). As a result we have growing inequality, a record number of people homeless, Harney’s record on people on hospital trolleys has been broken even before a winter crisis, cuts in the health service that will make things even worse in 2016 and an alienation in working class areas that is worse than ever. Election promises from FG recall the worst excesses of Charlie McCreevy with promised income tax and USC cuts reducing the tax base to below Celtic Tiger levels – and we know where that led us. I don’t know if the health and education services could survive another 5 years of Fine Gael.
    The idea that Sinn Fein is a left wing party is a joke. In the recent UK election they played the sectarian card in North Belfast and showed their true colours. In the Republic we’ve seen their leader’s (Fuhrer’s?) response to Slab Murphy’s conviction for tax evasion – hardly a left-wing response. I believe that Sinn Fein’s values are closer to the Front National than to Syriza.

  2. But any politics based on ideas has to be better than the current system of cronyism, nepotism and strokes

  3. I’m not happy with the current system and I don’t know who I’m going to vote for only who I’ll be voting against when the election comes. I agree we need a change in politics but I would not be happy with a politics based on Sinn Fein’s essentially populist and, when push comes to shove sectarian, nationalist ideas. I write this as I hear the latest paean of praise to Thomas Slab Murphy from a leading Sinn Fein politician, Martin McGuiness. At least the Anti-Austerity Alliance and People Before Profit are offering an alternative politics without the whiff of cordite still around Sinn Fein (and I’m not a fan of their inspiration Leon Trotsky).

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