Morse coded rebellion — 4 Comments

  1. It is probable that the GPO was made the nexus in the plans because it was to become ‘the’ node point for the telephone. But I suspect the date was brought forward for other reasons and the works in the GPO hadn’t been finished.
    But for what it’s worth, if you count the number of military establishments including the Royal Hibernian Military School along with all the establishments in the Park you realise the city was ringed.

  2. It was a fascinating programme. I had never before heard of Con Keating and the failed journey to take over the cable station at Valentia in order to control Transatlantic communication.

    One wonders what was the ordinary listening for those with short wave radio sets.

  3. You have to be careful all the same. Given the ‘cell’ nature of the IRB, the transmission of real information to and from a leadership would’ve been difficult. So when we have data of an attempt on this that or the other, and the Castle may have compiled all into one file/cabinet, it was all incredibly loose. Check out the Army Pension Archive
    It really wasn’t until the round-up’s that things became truly solid.

    On the radio sets. I expect the same families that were involved with early flight, photography and science in general would’ve been the most receptive. You can certainly see one- or more- with the family of the Earl of Rosse. And perhaps on Lambay with the Baring family of banking fame.

  4. Perhaps the history is still too much “alive” for a definitive history to emerge.

    The airwaves must have been a strange place before the advent of established broadcasting companies

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