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  1. I think we can be guilty of over-thinking TLOTR. But I will say having a good grip on the folklore of Europe will help you quite a bit for it gives you an entry point.

    A point of interesting amusement. If you connect to the OSI mapviewer. And then zoom down on the great Dun at Dunmore East you’ll find Gollum as the name of a sea cave below the rampart. The Dun itself was rubbed out when the defences of Waterford harbour was built but you can still see the reference.

  2. Only when doing a search for Tom Bombadil on the web did I discover that there are people who treat Tolkien’s imaginary world as a reality!

    I suppose it would be reasonable to use the benevolent Bombadil as a personification of the countryside if, as Tolkien did, one lives in Oxfordshire. I went to school on Dartmoor where it is altogether more malevolent.

    I assume that “gollum” has some meaning in Irish. There is a cave named “Gollum” in the Burren as well.

  3. Yes, but I cannot for the life of me think what it is.

    That old man of the forest has a long tradition in southern England. You see it where shell houses had a paid bearded man living in it. He would move back and forth when the big house people passed by on horseback or carriages. But that was drawn from an earlier source of the hermit. Itself leading back to Herne.

    R F Delderfield was the limit of my knowledge of Devon until I had a short dalliance with a girl for near Axminster. Not really Devon that end, more Cork really, I thought.

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