Empty fields? — 3 Comments

  1. The economics of the situation hasn’t shifted since the removal of the Corn Laws. And the realities are better dealt with in England than here in Ireland. This mostly due to the existence still of the large estates allowing for relatively simple redivision. Here the units are more or less the same size so it makes for very similar income, making it hard to gain an edge no matter how much they work.
    But the core reality is that on these islands farming is a social experiment, a zoo if you will. For should all production stop and the land area devoted to national park it would be but a blip on the world food production and filled the following year by Iowa alone. Remember a few years ago when the Foot&Mouth hit huge areas of England compensation didn’t cause a hiccup to the Exchequer. To the families that owned the animals it was devastating, but to the Exchequer, hardly a ripple.

  2. Irish production might not be a major element in world markets but for rural Ireland its loss would mean the collapse of many communities

  3. I hold that the communities have collapsed long ago. Look what’s occurred over the last 8 years. The place is empty of entire sections of the population both in the countryside and towns. And this to my count is the twelfth time in the last 100 years.

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