Driving frugally — 2 Comments

  1. There’s a 3rd. Frugality can simply be the limit of income.
    Thank God for Lidl and Aldi these last few years. Many had a few little luxuries to lift the spirit, like a duck breast now and again, which would’ve been impossible within the social picture deployed by Dunnes Tesco and the usual suspects in most towns. They gave a tiny hope in a fug of imposed viciousness.
    I did a Coursera course on Finance a few years back and it was very instructive to plug the numbers into Open Office new car -v- 2nd hand -v- cheap car.

  2. I would agree with you. What makes me cross, though, is people forced to live on benefits being told they should live more frugally when frugality depends on having resources.

    We are great Aldi fans, but I suppose, given the location of many of their stores, they may be an option for only those with a car.

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