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  1. There’s been quite a bit of rewriting and outright bull produced on that period. The flag is one. The symbolism back then for the revolutionaries wasn’t between protestant and catholic but between the Gaelic Irish and the Englishry, be they arriving in the 12th century, 15th or 16th. And what made 1916 quite unusual was it included all aspects of the islands societies.
    It’s simply a quest to nation build that causes that mind leaps that give Irish kids a by-polar concept of history. It’s one of the reasons the Tinkers haven’t a designation nor is there a box to tick on the census to give genetic/tribal history. But by including one set, they exclude the Border Scots that moved over under James 6th/1st once the conflict on that border halted. Or Cromwell in Ireland. That was simply an extension of the English Civil War.
    I expect DeV’s grave would’ve been better done was he not buried with his son and wife under his sons stone. And given his aura, had he wanted to have a triumphant arch it would be done. Plus, Sinéad, bean DeV died in the January. So if he had wanted he could’ve put her in a grave for just the two of them. But he chose not too.

  2. In terms of the memorial stone, Dev’s grave was not so much smaller than Collins’, the great difference lay in the number of flowers with which the graves are adorned. Collins has admirers who send him flowers from places like the United States and France.

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