Holding back the autumn — 4 Comments

  1. Actually I thought Dunwich was a joke. I’ve been over thataways and knew that town was a mile or so out to sea and under it. And that handing someone a See under the sea was worse than Rome handing someone a bishopric someplace that hadn’t seen a christian for the last 1500 years. But at least some See up a mountain on the border with Iran exists !.
    Last time I was on that coast a friend was going through the hell of a divorce and was given heart on finding a bit of flotsam that turned out to be a side of an apple box with the word Genesis emblazoned on it.

  2. I met a Roman Catholic auxiliary bishop in the North who was bishop of somewhere in the middle of Africa, but, as you say, it at least exists. English suffragan titles are usually derived from places in the diocese, never having encountered Dunwich before, it never occurred to me that it might be underwater.

    The apple box could, of course, have suggested an expulsion from Eden!

  3. Ohh at the end it was no Eden. They were married for 10 years or so, and decided they would have kids once she was finished her masters at Goldsmiths. The last two years of doing everything possible and blaming each other obliterated them. So she read it as a new beginning.

    Dunwich would’ve been a prize once. I believe it could’ve been the port of the Free Market transhipping across to the Zwin and into Bruges or even down the Yser to the cloth hall at Ypres. It had eight diocesan, two of them chapel of ease and both Black and Grey friars along with the Templars.

  4. The past of those east of England towns is in sharp contrast with the present, the wealth of medieval times demonstrated in vast medieval churches, many of which are now without parishioners.

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