In the tradition of Lyons — 2 Comments

  1. The South Union was the workhouse. What’s unclear is if she was a medical wardress in the workhouse or had some connection to the Volunteers. Given it would be rather unlikely a woman would be connected to the Sherwood Foresters and be that close to a skirmish. Duties, in this case is a loose term.

    Hanna Sheehy Skeffington would’ve been well known and regarded in the FF republican tradition and the Labour tradition, if a bit less. In TCD and UCD or FG perhaps not quite so much.

  2. Recent material seems to suggest that Nurse Kehoe was just a nurse doing her duties. Why her name was not recalled with more prominence does say something about the agenda of those who devised the 1916 Commemorations.

    Hanna Sheehy Skeffington was a disturbing figure for a conservative Roman Catholic hierarchy, as were women like Kathleen Lynn and Madeleine ffrench-Mullen.

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