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  1. Well they sure as shootin could’ve helped you along by ‘not’ using the Insular majuscule.

    It actually not that difficult. The word for Lord (Tiarna, or sometimes Thiarna) can be heard in the sung Kyrie on youtube ”A Thiarna dean trocaire lyrics”.
    Amen is Greek, and trying to crowbar it into Irish is pointless on levels that’s hard to rise too.
    The T is pronounced soft, almost silent. So the word sound like the English “Hear”, only softer and longer, the the ‘na’ is as you’d expect.

    The first line, the call, is, ‘go rev a Hear-na liv’
    Answer. Augus lathe féin
    Agus, is Et in Latin, And in Eng. Sounded like Aug-gus or pretty close to the month, August, without the final T.
    Leat, is as the ‘lathe’ and plaster. Féin as in well you know who.

    The Kyria
    A Thiarna déan trocaire (Thiarna, as above but with more sound on the H. And with two words [A Thiarna]. You might say the first ‘A’ is the call to attract the attention of the Lord. It goes back to the Greek, Oy Zeus, and repurposed. Hardly a shock really.
    Déan. Largely like rain but with a D.
    Trocaire, as in the box.

    A Chriost déan trocaire
    Chriost, as in the Greek without the final ‘ós’
    A Thiarna déan trocaire
    A Chriost déan trocaire

    I’ll get back on the rest later.

  2. I can’t read the bit above ‘this is the word of the Lord’. And I’ve pulled it into Photoshop and I still can’t read it. There’s something about the angle and the lack of resolution on that line.
    I’m assuming it’s ‘Sin é Briathar Dé’ . Try this, ww,dot, for Briathar. In the page the M C and U are the Munster, Galway and Ulster pronounciations, just fill in the needful for I believe your settings will block live links.
    Either way, Dé is God, not Lord.

    Next: Buíochas le Dia. Bwee-o-chas (Chas, as in Castra). Le, as you would. Dia, dee-a.

    Can you shoot the bottom of it and send it to the mail that sits above the comment.

  3. I can remember when I was in NZ a certain amount was said in Maori, despite the congregation being all white.

    Last week at the OIreachtas, an Irish language festival, there was a COI event, I think we need to accept the language as ours too.

    Classes of course are the best way to learn a language but has phonetics.

  4. I think the Government should end its ambivalence, either Irish is the first national language or it is not, if it is, then it should be properly resourced.

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