No further than the moon — 2 Comments

  1. Technically speaking, to photograph the moon you need at least a 600mm, but more likely double that. And while those numbers at the low end aren’t outside many photographers you will need extension tubes to extend the overall length of existing glass. If you had to buy big glass you are into many thousands, and while there is interest in the moon there’s no way that much.

    On the PC thing. I’ve wondered a bit about those statements.
    Me, I’d say they didn’t need that much by way of crunching power. They were asking one question at a time. A bit like a ship leaving dock and moving into the sea roads. There’s calculations being made one by one, there’s no need for every possible scenario to be plugged in. And lets face it, the the basic physics is the same in a syringe. So all they had to do was know ‘near-enough’ how long to push thrust out of rocket ‘a’ to nudge it ‘left a bit’.

  2. I suppose there was the navigation system and life support systems of some sort. I remember being absolutely fascinated by the whole Apollo project and then becoming disappointed in teenage years when it was abandoned.

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