A sinful couple — 4 Comments

  1. If the women were from some evangelical groups in the Church of Ireland the couple they were discussing might have been same sex. I don’t recall ever hearing the conservative evangelicals who spend so much time and energy on other people’s relationships criticising the bankers, abusive employers or those who show disdain for the environment as sinful.

  2. I think they belonged to some small evangelical grouping, judging by the words they used. I hadn’t thought about the same sex angle, I wonder if the term “couple” would have been used, though.

    The Church of Ireland press officer twenty years ago said that ethics in the Church of Ireland is something “that happens below the belt,” it is quite evidently the case. The silence about big issues and even the silence on the peace ad justice issues in the North, has been quite noticeable

  3. There are some who are trying to speak out but unfortunately they are few and far between, almost voices in the wilderness.

  4. There is a discernable tradition from the 19th Century onward of religious groups appropriating the label “evangelical” to themselves and espousing values far from those found in the Gospels

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