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  1. I don’t remember HCA’s stories from my young days but I do remember being read too by my grandfather. Being inside him on the sofa below the big clock and correcting him for he’d read and I’d heard the 200 or so stories so many times they had become memorised.
    Of the time I write, we were in a pocket missed by the ESB when they were passing through. A biggish pocket of about twenty or so houses and small farms.
    On HCA and the Grimm tales. I wonder, it is now thought that the wandering poets of Greek prehistory when delivering the Iliad and Odyssey tailored the sages to the audience of the area they were in at that moment. You’ll have noted that the Greek contingent before Troy, Hero’s all, were drawn from every populated spot in Greece. But beyond the main bits, I doubt many would care too much if the Thracian was lessened if they were on the Peloponnese. So on the whole I’d say editing the Tales is not only allowed but required in order to keep them alive. For in truth the outgrown toy being burnt or taken by the wind is still a toy bereft of an owner.
    But I do think the use of the tales in the 19th century and before was profoundly important in helping small kids process the loss of mothers and siblings. We forget we are the very first, those born after 1950, where kids dieing in childhood was the norm. Not normal necessarily, but everyone would know someone directly who had such a loss.
    Sorry to get so wordy.

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