The church of the holy fairy lights — 2 Comments

  1. Perhaps the lights are to represent the Light of Hope as represented by the death on the cross. True a bit hamfisted.
    I don’t know. I’ve found in the span of my life so far the shift in all the Christian churches while less in ‘active’ numbers are vastly healthier. No longer is the bank manager leaning one way or ‘tother on a loan. No longer are businesses dependent on visible attendance. No longer are farm leases dependent on sitting 1,3,7 rows behind ones landlord. The rows being how many acres you held off him or her.
    True, in the countriside it was a lot easier when people fitted into a neat slot. Could be measured and weighed by church attendance. And conformed to an imposed expectation. But the truth is if we played the cards as dealt I wouldn’t be making Art, nor you a churchman. And it can be quite hard to swim against currents, even when they are lessened.

    Off topic.
    I’ve been spelling Countriside with an ‘i’ for so long it’s not funny. Did I miss the meeting when we decided to use a ‘y’.

  2. I tend to think people now take one as seriously as one appears to take oneself – and fairy lights probably suggest a fairly light-hearted self-perception

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