Missing the clays — 4 Comments

  1. I’d say the only fishermen using split cane are reactionary when the current rods and reels are a quarter the weight and 20 times the strength. As to the catch. That can be a bit secondary to the processes of getting the sweet cast. There’s something fulfilling when you roll a line under a willow, or when things go into slow-mo and you see the leader and fly loop, stretch and lay with a delicate kiss on the water.
    On the clay shooting, I find the notion a titch difficult. Nor, with safety in mind do I see all that much chit-chat. Do they have the equivalent of the 19th Hole at these gun club ranges. O’course it could get a bit Darwinian with guns and alcohol in the one place.
    Just an aside. The Shooting Party which I read soon after it came out played a part in my decision to read History. It did a bit to lessen the diet of Upstairs Downstairs and other frankly Tory programming coming out of RTE around that time.

  2. He has his own trap – I assume that there might be socialisation somewhere afterward.

    We were purely coarse fishermen, I’m not sure where the nearest game fishing would be.

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