The Net stutters — 2 Comments

  1. There’s a worry taking this at face, for it can be taken as selfevident. I suspect we’ve become extremely sophisticated in our dealings with advertising meaning we won’t take in on board unless it’s offered in the correct place at the correct time and by the correct people.
    Lets say I’m after a good stout pair of hiking boots and I happen to be watching Julia Bradbury or Tony Robinson and they said High Mountain/Green Water boot was the best they’ve found I’d be inclined to look into it. But if they were pushing the boot five times a night in 15 second bursts, I wouldn’t.
    Plus, Ad’s are uninspired too. Remember the talking PG Tips monkey’s, ” Do’ou know dad the piano is on my foot”, “You hum is son I’ll play it”. And that’s 30 years or more ago.

  2. I think that’s probably why the 100,000 hard copies are worth more than the 10 million digital visits – the correct advertisements for the correct people.

    Even advertisements from reputable companies can seem dubious when they appear in odd contexts online.

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