Beware of Google being misled — 2 Comments

  1. Not so long ago I was called to an ‘attend or lose your benefits for 12 weeks’ type interview at the local (ie about 9 miles away) Job Centre. Thought I had better jus check where the Job Centre was because not actually being unemployed…or ‘job seeking’ (I’m on Income Support because I care for my wife) I haven’t had cause to visit them in the last few years.

    You can take my word that the Job Centre isn’t in that 1950s council estate, nor even in the village but rather some 5 miles away (cunningly hidden -and I do mean hidden- in the local council offices).

    OK so my local knowledge was enough that I didn’t fall for google’s little tricks but what if I hadn’t have known darkest Northest Norfolk better than any sane person would want to? I would have driven to the fake job centre, missed the appointment and found myself on the wrong end of a benefits stop.

  2. Someone, somewhere must have wilfully entered the wrong location for that office, and the DWP people obviously did not check -or did not care

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