The Presidents’ Club was a burp — 2 Comments

  1. I’m afraid I consider the election of Obama in exactly the same way. For the amount of political capital spent meant that those that most needed a New Deal didn’t get it. So now we have the politics of the robber baron couched in a fake equality of opportunity.
    And in the UK where the reasons for Brexit aren’t being addressed which will mean an even greater polarisation. They still haven’t expanded the schools, hospitals and general services in Boston Lincolnshire not in counties west of Bermingham. The civil servants are processing the Europeans who work in the picking industries as they would migrant potato pickers or herring processors from an earlier era even though the populations were fixed and developing for the last 30 years.

  2. Obama’s election served the purpose of a smoke and mirrors trick to obscure the fact there was no real change.

    The bizarre thing is that as Trump concentrates more and more money and power in the hands of the elite, there are still people who believe he is serving “ordinary” people.

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