A mismatch of power — 2 Comments

  1. Ha, remember when Lamborghini’s were whizzing up and down Irish unfinished M-ways. I haven’t seen one in years, thank God.
    What’s getting to people is that when the game didn’t suit the rich powerful and protected they changed the rules so they could re-jig things.
    Just an FYI. Did you know the RBK&C have still to house in the royal borough those displaced by that fire in the town at Latymer Road.
    And have they done anything to ease and aid the pressure on the schools and hospitals in Lincolnshire and Herefordshire. Nope, not an Iota. And in Ireland we have the spectre of vulture funds taking over monumental numbers of mortgages. Mostly the trackers. Leaving the people with nowt by way of protection.
    You know up until about 2014 I was writing a blog that showed I believed in the system and those involved. Now, I find it very hard to believe in any of them. Well I have hopes for Corbyn.

  2. There needs to be a political seachange to reverse the impact of dogmatic neo-liberalism. There is, at present, not much sign the opposition have moved beyond slogans.

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