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  1. It is always taken that ‘saints’ arrived and suddenly the whole place fell about themselves to convert. And you also see the same thing in Scotland.
    Loosely, I suspect the connections in the south was with Wales, and that Pembrokeshire and the southeast of Ireland was seamless, in the early period. Earlier than the fall of Rome in Britian. And it was from there that the early Christians Celestine refers when he sends Paladius as bishop.
    But again, I think that early church was setup with a quasi military and a democratic/republican structure. Where the Abbots were the heads of forts and the bishops admin in the towns.

    Here’s something you may not have known. In Ireland, all of it. The total mark in the archaeological of the presence of the biggest and most powerful polity the world had seen to then. There, 40 miles over the water for the better part of 500 years is about a car boot full of artefacts. Where you are in the southwest sticking a shovel in the ground you have a good chance of hitting something Roman. Here nothing.

  2. I think my complaint at the “fake news” told by the church was, in part, a reaction to reading the opening pages of John Boyne’s latest novel in which the theocracy that emerged from the fake history is completely dominant.

    It is odd that Roman artefacts are so scarce in these parts when they are so plentiful in these parts, almost as though the Romans had a fear of Ireland

  3. It’s only recently that the idea that to be Irish one had to be Roman Catholic; it’s still believed by many so-called “Irish Americans”. Official Ireland ignores the reality that most people of Irish descent in the USA came from northern protestant backgrounds.

  4. I think it was deeply rooted in the 1937 Constitution, McQuaid wanting something much more thorough-going than the “special place,” and was obviously accentuated by the Troubles, where ethnicity and religious identity came to be seen as almost coterminous in the minds of some people.

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