Cavan butter and Brexit — 1 Comment

  1. What’s missing from the Tory statements is that NI is separate and has been so since the 1920 government of Ireland act. For while great fuss was made back then and since, and even in the Good Friday Agreement, it remains that NI is de facto and de jure a Free State that can at will decide to govern itself. And we’d be better off thinking in terms of soccer, not alone with NI but with Scotland too than the existing witterings by Kippers.
    Indeed I’d go so far as to say England’s issue will not be with NI but with Scotland.
    On trade’s of primary or secondary produce I don’t see any issue. Be that milk and butter from Ireland or Easy Peeler’s from Spain. Where I think England is in for a profound shock will be with Finance and the activities of the City. For much as the firms are manoeuvring to a Status Quo Anti by having subset offices in other countries in effect ‘doing a Rothschild’ on it. It’s very unlikely that would last very long. Mind you, if the Tories had the combined brain to strike a match this could provide a very neat fudge for NI. And giggle of all giggles that the banks now on the Liffey move to the Laggan or Foyle.

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