Men that were not from the ministry — 2 Comments

  1. There was a couple of reasons why the Min of Agg were held in such an odd regard. Farmers saw, or at least believed they were trying to help. But because for certain things the actions were a gigantic experiment.
    What I only lately found out was the three Min’s on these islands acted in lock step, but slightly different when it came to disease like TB. But all were forgiving when it came to selling off borderline Reactors.
    Where they went nutty was with grain during WW2. Farms that never saw an ear of wheat had to be ploughed. And due to it they lost millions of tons of seed grain and the crop the other end to flooding. Indeed, it was from the intransigence of the wartime Min’s -Ireland as well as England- insistence that the crops were planted despite failures year on year that the 50s to 80s drainage maps derived.
    You really should read about the famines in India made by gobshites educated to farming on these islands with delightful spins on the Classics coupled with Theology to justify their inability to ‘get’ the monsoon.

  2. Civil servants were not the best people to make such decisions in those (or many other) circumstances.

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