The church cannot change reality — 2 Comments

  1. If we had something like the NHS, perhaps. But you know exactly what will occur. The middleclass will get their insurance to cover abortions and will get medics to write notes to cover beyond the 12 weeks limit. The poor and uninsured will be worse off than now. For now at least they know where they stand.
    It also seem to me insane that Ireland is opening up a degree of abortions that’s being closed down in the rest of the world.
    And I do not agree with the change.

  2. Abortion increases cases of suicide and deception later in lives of those who got it, Ian and testimonies are everywhere now.If the Irish church doesn’t find its firm position now it will be hard in the future to find explanations for consequences of the progress of iniquities expressed in the name of respecting personal fundamental freedoms.

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