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  1. There was a big thing on the telly the other night about the trials of the dairy farm and them decrying the loss of the Milk Marketing Board. But it seems Tesco with their Preferred Supplier has changed things lately. But I expect they could crash out if they had a tiny accident, and missed it.
    I remember when I was at Capel Manor there was a story doing the rounds about a flower supplier who got such a contract with M&S. They went to the bank and opened new automated growing sheds. Less than a year after the state of the art facility opened M&S found a way round the contract and that family business going since the 1900s went bankrupt. Luckily the old glasshouses weren’t included somehow, but were only a 1/5 the size of the new one.

  2. Where each farm lane joined the public road would be a raised platform, often the flat top of an earthen mound, level with the flat-bed of the creamed collection lorry. The farmer stood his full churns for collection.You still see them. collection
    At my local creamery a skilled man could tilt a pair of full churns, one each side of him, and then “roll” them, on their bottom edges, from the delivery loading bay into the building. I always wondered how many disasters he had while learning this knack.

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