Nature will have the last laugh — 1 Comment

  1. Not to carp. But (chuckle), it’s a bright May morn and I’m looking out upon a flush of forget-me-nots I’ve not seen these past 25 years, foiled with a pink Clematis montana. And a Willy-Wag-Tail stomping about between them.
    I think when Shelley was writing that poem he had little knowledge of the doings of Ramesses II and just how blooming justified he was in his challenge to better the achievements. Ramesses II was a long lived overachiever unsurpassed until Alexander -but I’d hold him to be a hoard leader akin to the Great Khan and so a destroyer. Where the Great Pharaoh was a builder-.
    Have a great day, Ian. Tiz a smasher here in Tipp.

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