Youth differences — 2 Comments

  1. I wonder if it’s not more accent that marks than the clothes. I remember the attitude to the ‘traveller’ communities that developed in the UK drawn from the upper-middle class. Basically Glastonbury before they inherited the ancestral acres. But I do get what you mean.
    I remember lusting as a teen after 501’s and loafers with leather soles. But what I remember mostly about clothes from childhood was the arrival of cousins from the USA in colours. Real colours, reds, yellows, blacks, whathaveyou. Made from nylon and other man made fabrics, where I was in earth colours of wools, cottons and cloths. Kids can be stupid.

  2. I think received pronunciation is not nearly as important as in times past – the signs of class difference now are probably more subtle – but, nonetheless, just as real

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