All opinions are not equal — 2 Comments

  1. The Razor is usually translated to if you hear hooves think horses not zebras. But the Razor is far more subtle than that.
    If we take the late insanity in the west’s economy. Many many people pointed out the folly way back in the 90s. But they were treated as non people. Not having the ‘education’ and ‘standing’ within the business, banking and academic/pundit communities so they couldn’t possibly know anything. What we saw there was a bunch of people telling themselves a story based upon less valid mathematics than a calculation on how many will tumble at the canal turn next grand national.
    People truly assumed there was a cohort keeping an eye on things. And notwithstanding craven regulators and central banks that these people could speak and be heard. But no.

  2. It is astonishing how much of a vision of a post-Brexit Britain was built on unproven assumptions.

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