Baffled by the Conservatives — 1 Comment

  1. I think the segment of the Tories that want out want out without strings on their side. The having your cake and eating it option. But failing that will simply fall out. You see I suspect we have a situation where doctrinaire outers are well protected from the worst and those that haven’t protection don’t see their lives being any worse.
    You see what I think is truly bonkers about all this is not one attempt has been made to address the core problems. There was simply an assumption that local services and social protections could be reduced or removed without any real reaction in some sort of boiling frog notion.
    The issues in Lincolnshire with the salad leaf and soft fruit harvesters has been live since the early 1990s. For heavens sake there are people born to pickers now finished university, but now one iota of infrastructure was put in to deal with the dramatic rise in population.
    I’ve said here before that I don’t think England is inherently racist, at least not in the way Ireland is, or Scotland, or France. But at a level it is, very much so.
    My two penn’orth is that this was certain once a referendum was mooted. And it wouldn’t have mattered if Labour called it either. For in the same way the Irish establishment gazed into the tea leaves and decided the Tax issue was the problem when that had nowt to do with it. I also think the establishment is mistaken in who votes.

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