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  1. So called Liberals are passive now as they were in the 20s and 30s for exactly the same reason. They see their lives and lifestyle under increasing threat. But not from the populists as you call them, but from the very thought experiment they themselves created.
    If we take the last 40 years what we saw across the West was a shift in emphasis in two ways. One, for a focus on investment in business to one of property. And the second. We saw a shift away from the social controls with the churches entrenching marked I feel when JP2 chastised that priest who was a government minister in central America whom I think was actively trying to do Gods work.
    The thing is when in the US, UK and elsewhere when people became sick of that odd rightwing focus on property the left didn’t change an iota. Why for instance didn’t Blair in that first term begin a vast State sponsored building program. They could easily have passed a sequence of laws that allowed people to buy out the property in a rent to buy or some such method to prevent many of the problems of the Sink Estates. And the same in the US. Obama could’ve tried to do something. But nope.

  2. The facile nature of populism means it will always seek to scapegoat particular groups – the Left are as guilty of it as the Right.

    I think the commodification of life means people have come to view themselves primarily as consumers rather than voters and will only endorse those offering immediate gratification – the Blair governments certainly acted according to what made the best advertising rather than what made the best long-term sense

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