Mrs Thatcher destroyed Irish Catholicism — 3 Comments

  1. There were certain things back then that were utterly insane.
    Take for instance a miner in Wales who in 1975 earned £500 a week but had most of it taken in tax and other State charges. In effect if you didn’t tax him and simply gave him the money directly as if you had taxes you’d end up saving money and therefore the balance of payments. So it wasn’t much of a trick to get from thinking about the giving with the right and taking with the left to analysis of the mine itself. It simply became cheaper to pay unemployment than the juggling that went before.
    But in truth they simply kicked out one leg to put it under the farmers and property so now we have the insane system where farmers are kept in a slavery to a hobby farm.

  2. And if you did as Vince suggested you could get rid of the NHS, as the Conservatives want and are trying to do now, privatise education, prisons (great success that), and anything else that could bring a quick million or two for the Conservative funders usually tax resident in tax havens.

  3. The bizarre thing in all of it was that most Christians thought Mrs Thatcher was a good thing

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