Final stories — 2 Comments

  1. I think like me, a lot of Irish readers didn’t read him and many others like him for the cut was a tad too close to the bone for comfort. But now I must get on to him.
    I will say this. And as much of an oddness and contradiction as it may be, so be it. But the CoI is way more of an Irish institution than was the Catholic. The latter being on the island while the former being in it. The Catholic is changing of course, but it’s a bit late now.
    And while I say the CoI is in the island I’m not so sure that many of it’s members felt themselves so. I suppose what I’m saying is the CoI has all the organic good and insanity that makes up Ireland while the CC was an imposed from outside thought experiment generated about 1860.

  2. There is sometimes an overly bleak social realism in his stories. Perhaps it was just an expression of feelings others had and did not articulate

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