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  1. Last night there was a good analysis on the telly. It seems the original report was fatally flawed. It failed to account for the jets.
    They couldn’t fathom why the towers went so rapidly. But it seems the fuel and the aluminium stripped the fire protection around the steel supports and the steel simply failed.
    So, really it doesn’t help when the ‘official’ examiners miss fundamentals.

    Ohh, you might get Hugh Sebag-Montefiore; Somme. I have it on the Borrow Box and listen to it in the car and walking the hound. Best since Liddell Hart.

  2. I don’t suppose the truth will still dissuade the conspiracy theorists from their accounts of events.

    I must look out for it, though I must admit that Liddell Hart was not my favourite writer.

  3. OK. I finished that book.
    A few things. His treatment of the southern Irish regiments was downright insulting. It contained that patronising rubbish that sets Irish teeth on edge.
    But the rest of the treatment was good. Yes I started to loose the will for it seemed he was intent on travelling the length of the front foot at a time. So you have a series of regimental histories peppered with the letters home. And if you read it like that it really works, by dipping in and reading a section at a time.

  4. I have never found a book on the Somme that really captured a fraction of the sense of the horror of the place.

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