The worst clergyman we ever had — 2 Comments

  1. Well, there ya go ! :-). You have the Epitaph !!!.

    Well I like you. I think as a human, a Christian, a person who delivered trenchant comment with kindness here, while being clear in the message of faith you were doing a Ministry. Indeed I’d go so far as to suggest that last parish of yours was far far more gigantic than you might realise.
    Who cares about the blue-rinse brigade (Irish Chapter). I expect the sheer number of good people they’ve driven out is legion. But that’s the thing here in Ireland. The general population is only slightly more than in 1901. Something to my mind displays incompetence that hard to surmount on the part of a series of organs intrinsic to the makeup of the island, north and south.

    Still, I’d say the current Archbishop of Canterbury is a man of your stamp.

  2. I think the church will suddenly reach the point where it realises that it has existed for itself for so long that it has no-one left.

    I was at the birthday party of the 105 year old, the local MP asked her if she had ever been married. “Do I look stupid?” she replied!

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