The yellow vest path to failure — 5 Comments

  1. Mmmm. France is making the mistake that the UK and the US made. It assumes the ire will go away because the people stopped wearing the gilet jaunes. But in reality this current president sits in the seat of Obama as being different enough that gives hope that the look will cause change. But of course it rarely does. So where in France will the disaffected go. And will the administrative class do like they’ve done in the USA and UK and bemoan the size of the franchise thinking they are the only people that vote.
    To me the danger began about 2004 but really ramped up after the crash. Before the people could be calmed with the hope of riches via a house price rise. After, the very people being hit were those that were hit profoundly in the crash.
    Those of us who stayed in Ireland in the years after the crash don’t truly understand the trauma that went through lower class Europe and the US.

  2. I think the anger and frustration becomes something random and incoherent – people drift down a path of nihilism or arbitrary and unpredictable action – as in Strokestown

  3. Strokestown was a shot across the bows. One that the FGers won’t be able to hear, as usual. And because of that they’ll be driving around to 3-day-events for 40 years.
    As to France. LePen will draw all this to her and give it a voice.

  4. According to reports those evicted in Strokestown had made no attempt to engage with the bank. The brutality of the eviction and the apparent “standing idly by” by the Gardai fed into a story of injustice. The attack on the security staff guarding the house may have been an attempt by dissident republicans to garner support – who called them out?
    Macron was elected because he was not Le Pen. There was very little between the top four candidates in the first round of the French Presidential election; whichever “not LePen” candidate ran was going to be elected. Unfortunately, Macron has lived up to his past as a Harvard Educated Goldman Sachs staffer and has been acting, as the Gilets Jaunes and others have said “the President for the rich”. Unfortunately, unless he changes course dramatically, the French will probably have President Le Pen in a few years’ time.

  5. Strokestown was an example of nasty mob rule – I have no doubt that the “security” personnel were men on minimum wages. If there was a legitimate protest, it could have been made without violence against working people, violence which may have included a racist element.

    Ireland’s problem is that there is no coherent Left of centre movement to channel dissent in a positive way.

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